“Of Love, Life & Relationships”: In conversation with Anamika Mishra

love, life & relationshipsIf life was human, love and relationships would be its heart. We might run behind name, fame & money, but in the end if we make an individual’s life chart, we would realize that more than half of what we do, including all the running around, is done for people. People we love, people who are interlaced with us in beautiful relationships.

It inspires me when I meet and talk to people bringing a cross-section of work in various forms of art.

Writing is a beautiful art of expression and I recently came across a young, inspiring writer – Anamika Mishra. Anamika is from Kanpur, which is a city in the North of India. What impressed me about Anamika was her young and philosophical spirit and the way she describes life and all that it comprises of. No wonder she is a Paulo Coelho fan 🙂

Anamika Mishra

Anamika has published her first Novel named – Too hard to handle.

Too hard to handle

Too hard to handle, is a story traveling through the twists and turns of Love, Friendship, Victory, Fate and Life. Here is an excerpt from my tête-à-tête with Anamika which gives an insight into writing, her latest book and a glimpse of life through her glasses!

*  *   *   *    *    *     *     *

*Me :What inspired you to write this book? Did you just wake up one morning and decided that you will start writing from today? 🙂

Anamika: No! It wasn’t like that. 🙂 Actually, I love reading novels and story-books since childhood. I remember once while reading Heidi by J. Spyri, I told my mom that “I want to write a book like this”. I was in Class 6 then. That was the first time I was bitten by the bug of writing!

*Me: Do you need a particular set up when you write?

Anamika: Not really. I usually write at night on my bed. My bed-side table has a lamp and few journals, diaries and pens. I just switch off the main lights and start writing under the lamp. I guess that’s a perfect setting for me!

*Me: What do you inspire to do in life?

Anamika: I want to write and wish to have readers from around the world.

*Me: Do you maintain a personal diary?

Anamika: Yes, I do have a personal diary. I occasionally update it. To be honest, I love buying and maintaining diaries and have dozens of them!

*Me: How did you think of such mature topic at such a young age?

Anamika: It just came out of my treasure box i.e. my mind 🙂

*Me: Your favorite excerpt or quote from the Novel

Anamika: Anushree (the lead character of the story) is sitting by herself and wondering – “Life- a four letter word, so simple to pronounce, yet it is the most complex term of the dictionary. It is so weird that the happy times of your life always make you cry when you remember them. Sometimes you either wish to have a forward button to skip all your problems or you need a rewind button to go back in the past and rectify the mistakes done by you. Sometimes it’s too beautiful that you wish to re-live each and every moment and sometimes every moment of your life is just too hard to handle”

*Me: What is your philosophy of love, life and relationships?

Anamika: Life is simple; it is what we make it. Our hard-work and firm determination towards our goal or aim never goes in vain. Love for me is bond between two people, where you feel happy in giving and without expecting anything in return from the one you love. If you expect anything in return, it is a business not love. And if talking about relationships, I think most important thing is understanding and respect. These two things are very important to sustain a healthy relationship.

*Me: If you have to become a fictional character what it would be?

Anamika: I would like to become Anushree, the lead character from my book. Anushree struggles through her school and college life. She is betrayed and blamed at every stage, but in the end everything turns out in her favor and she gets want she really wants and deserves. I like happy endings 🙂

*Me: A piece of wisdom to the readers and fans

Anamika: All I want to say is have patience and keep faith in yourself and god. If anything has to go wrong it will, you cannot stop it from happening. If you have faith in yourself and god, you will find a way out, no matter what.

*Me: So, what next?

Anamika: I have started working on my second novel. Can say, there is a lot more to come. I just hope and pray for the best and wish all the support from my readers.


You can join Anamika on twitter ( @anamikawrites ) and write her at mail@anamikamishra.com

Anamika also writes her personal blog @ anamikamishra.com


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